Nuka World Power Plant


The location of the Nuka world power plant is inside the Amusement Park. So it will be visible from the away and atop of a rocky hill. It established in the year 2287. Nuka world power plant located straight west of the Galactic Zone inside the northwest of the Global map.

Once there was a meltdown on 27th April 2050 according to the employee terminal. Just remaining few months to open the park there was an accident that was covered by the Nuka Cola Corporation. An employee was fired by them who given the information about it, whose name was C Carlson.

After that other employees had reminded their employment agreement to do neither talk over it or nor discuss it. So that problem ignored by them.

Plant Design and Structure

There are so many pacific outsides of the Nuka World Power Plant. But there are so many types of crawling with feral ghouls inside in the structure. In the structure path so the type of available here like twist path and forward straight path.

In downstairs, there are Nuka-Mixer stations available here and a couple of Nuka World Riders (Disciples, Operators, or the Pack) available here.

A full set of power armor/armature has availed in the basement protected with a terminal holding in this power plant. A pool table and a desk with terminal have an upstairs office. Behind the corner desk, a safe is available there. Step down the ramp from here, and to find the other safe to jump on a broken ramp.

A locked door is available on the top roof. Which required a key to the open it. There is a controller which re-establishes the capacity of the rest Nuka world is available behind this door. You could get the key from a boss who seduces the only one survivor all through Power Play (Nisha, Mags Black, or Mason). Nuka world power plant control room key.

Features and some important Points of Nuka-World Power Plant

  • Two full suits of leveled power armature- Which one is in the basement of the power plant and another are available near to southeast maintenance developing the building. Both are available behind the advance locked terminal.
  • Amalgamation cores- It is pre-installed inside the power armature which mentions above.
  • Nuka Power prescript- Inside the room a pool table with a desk and the Nuka Power employee terminal.
  • An outdated book with overdue- In the basement locker, near a skeleton on a comfortable pillow.
  • Control room key- Get the key from a boss who seduces the only one survivor all through Power Play.

Several Important Points and Notes about Plant-

Locked Nuka World will be now approachable and accessible after reactivating the power plant.

  • An elevator is leading for the last core in Starport Nuka. Which would be allowed to open the mainframe terminal of the glass containing the Quantum X-10 power armature to the survivor.
  • Dry rock canyon for the worker zone.
  • In the Nuka-Cola bottling plant has a secure beverage lab.
  • The Nuka –Galaxy has an old ride park like that the Ferris wheel in the Kiddie Kingdom and the roller coaster.
  • In the east of the Nuka-Cola bottling plant, The Nuka world Rocket settlement workshop situated.



Nuka World Power Plant is a part of the game Nuka World.

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